Things People Have Actually Said to Me During My Pregnancy

“September 22. It’s a girl. We haven’t decided on a name just yet.” If I weren’t already 38 weeks pregnant (due September 22!), I would probably put that on a T-shirt, just to skip the three most common questions I get from (very nice, well-meaning) people. However. There are other people out there, people who have the strangest and most hilarious ideas of what is appropriate to say to a pregnant lady. Here’s a small sampling, most from near strangers:

“Wow, you’re twice as big as the last time I saw you!” Um, thank you?

“Hey, chubby!” No I am not kidding.

“So do you have stretch marks?” Would . . . you like to check? Wait, never mind . . .

“Well, this will screw a lot of things up for you, huh?” I actually found this one hilariously refreshing.

At one point I complained to my husband, “It’s like these other women want some sort of validation that my pregnancy somehow mirrors theirs!” To which he responded, “Yes Elisabeth, humans like to bond with other people over shared experiences.”

Touché. I guess with pregnancy, I’ve discovered I’m a little superstitious — like talking about it too much, anticipating the baby (a girl!) too much will make it go away. It’s not that I’m not excited: this is exactly what we’ve been wanting. But it’s only in these last few weeks that I’ve been able to picture a face, to call the baby her instead of it, to say her name: Sarah, Sarah, Sarah . . .

2 thoughts on “Things People Have Actually Said to Me During My Pregnancy

  1. Reading this brought back a lot of memories for me. I worked retail when I was pregnant with my daughter and I got a few of those you mentioned! My favorite though was a guy yelling, “Look out! Wide load coming through!” As I walked by. I just rolled my eyes. Eventually he came over to me and apologized…saying that’s how he joked with his wife when she was pregnant. I told him I felt sorry for her. Hah!


  2. lizzbert says:

    Yay, my second comment ever, thanks for stopping by! 🙂 Ugh, that’s hilariously awful. Pregnancy is amazing in that it offers people a means of connecting, but . . . unfortunately you can’t regulate what that connection will bring! :S


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