Things I’m Thinking About in My Last (?) Week of Pregnancy

Oh my god, my desk at work is such a mess–if I go into labor early it will be so embarrassing if anyone tries to find anything.

Thank you notes thank you notes thank you notes. Wait, did we finish the thank you notes for our wedding? 

Are baby pictures a suitable apology for two-years-late wedding thank you notes?

I’m down to the final two episodes of Murder, She Wrote–should I just watch them or wait for Sid to cool off from his Star Trek obsession?

Wait, have I not seen most of Star Trek Season 3? What is up with Spock macking on the ladies?!? He’s done this in two different episodes that I’ve seen so far!

I should switch my comic box from the Milwaukie TFAW to the Portland TFAW, right? I’m not going to Milwaukie every week during my maternity leave, that would be weird, right? 

I love Greg Rucka’s Lazarus so much. Why can’t he drop every other book and do, like, three issues of this per month?

Are my feet ever going to return to a normal size?

What is this baby going to be like? Please don’t be an asshole, baby. I’m going to be able to take care of her without being a total paranoid control freak, right?

. . . Ha, ha, ha . . . right . . .

Why am I not scared of labor? Is this hubris? Does this mean I’m going to have an epically terrible delivery as karma?

Why is it everyone I know who gave birth in the last year had a c-section? I don’t want a c-section! But, would it . . . preserve some aspects of my, ahem, social life . . . ?

When is this baby going to be born?!?

Super-Awesome Disclaimer: I am an employee of Things From Another World. The opinions expressed here belong solely to me and do not necessarily reflect the views of TFAW, its officers, shareholders, or other employees.

2 thoughts on “Things I’m Thinking About in My Last (?) Week of Pregnancy

    • We did, on Saturday! A bit anticlimactic. They didn’t get any notice that the show was ending, so there was no “finale,” nothing in Cabot Cove. In a way it’s nice because . . . there is no end! But it would have been nice to have a tribute to all of the recurring characters. There are four TV movies, but I haven’t checked them out!


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