Recipes Coming Soon!

Clam linguine--recipe coming soon!

Clam linguine–recipe coming soon!

If you know me in real life (or have been tolerant enough to follow me on Twitter or Facebook), you’d think I’d have filled up this blog with recipes by now! I do have some big plans for posts–including a couple of epic articles on the freezer cooking I’ve done this summer–but pregnancy has been weighing heavily (ha!) on my mind and taken preference thus far.

But also, I’ve been mulling over how best to organize my format. One: I tend to use my iPhone while I’m cooking, and I get frustrated with all of the scrolling up and down I usually need to do. Two: I know pictures make things more visually appealing and more interesting, and I’m a pretty crappy photographer.

But I have some ideas, and I’d love to get some feedback:

  1. I plan to have my list of ingredients and measurements up top, instead of at the bottom. I feel like many cooking blogs these days follow the same pattern: intro, walkthrough of the recipe (without specific measurements) with pictures, and then finallywaaaay at the bottom, the most relevant info I actually need to either make my shopping list or determine if I have the ingredients on hand. I’m popping this up top.
  2. When I do my walkthrough (with my crappy or nonexistent pictures), I will include specific measurements. I hate reading, “Combine flour, baking soda, and salt in a bowl,” and then having to scroll all the way to the bottom to double-check the measurements. Why not include them? Is it some trick to get traffic that I just can’t figure out?

So . . . yeah, that’s my grand, two-step plan to revolutionize food blogging. Yay, me. What’s your opinion? What annoys you about recipes online? Any tips for getting semi-decent food pictures out of an iPhone 4?

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