Introducing Miss Sarah Jean Ruth Allie

Baby1Hello! Sorry for the seven-week break (I’m sure all two of my readers were frantic), but as you can see, I gave birth to Miss Sarah Jean Ruth Allie, and my brain has been mush ever since — hard to focus on anything more complex than a Twitter post!

The deets:

    • After three hours of hard pushing, we had to opt for a c-section–her head was too big to fit through me, unfortunately. I pushed so hard, they ended up having to pry her out!
    • Sarah weighed 8 pounds, 4 ounces and was 20 inches long at birth.
    • Providence Portland Medical Center was fantastic, from the doctors to my nurses — we received so many useful tips and tons of support. Plus, I was groped by at least a dozen women while learning to breastfeed, so that item has been checked off my bucket list.
    • Sarah is the cutest. Really. Sorrynotsorry, but she’s cuter than your baby. Probably.
    • When she is not being the cutest, The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD saved our lives and our sanity. I’m sure the book is awesome, but my brain isn’t ready for that yet.

Almost seven weeks in, I feel I have a tentative grasp on being a parent. So far, feeding, changing, and laundry have been the most important elements — and cuddling, of course! I will say that the best thing I did to prepare for tending a newborn was filling our freezer with food, especially breakfast. I’ll definitely be putting together several blog posts on this topic, when my brain returns!

PS: Newborn clothes are BULLSHIT. There will be a post!

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