Magazines Have No Love for Valentine’s Day

So many home and garden magazines, so little time! Fortunately for you, I subscribe to three of them: Martha Stewart Living, Southern Living, and Better Homes & Gardens (the latter two are gifts from my mom–thank you Mom!) and I plan to do my own F*ck, Marry, Kill writeup of the February issues, to separate the wheat from the chaff, once my Southern Living arrives in the mail.

However, looking at the covers, one thing immediately pops to mind:




Did you notice the lack of hearts and flowers? The absence of pink and red? Heck, only Better Homes & Gardens even mentions Valentine’s Day on the cover!

Why no love for Valentine’s Day? According to Statistic Brain, the average annual spending on Valentine’s Day is $13.19 billion, with 180 million cards exchanged each year. The average consumer will spend $116.21. You’d think a mega-Valentine-y cover would be useful to tempt people who aren’t regular readers, but who might pick up one of these babies to get some ideas for the holiday. Right?

Curious, I checked the 2013 February covers. This is what I found:


Martha Stewart Living - January/February 2014


Heck, Martha Stewart is the only one with a Valentine’s-themed cover — and it’s actually a January/February issue. A brief glance at the 2012 covers (okay, I may have gotten a little obsessed on this subject) showed that MSL and BHG had proper Valentine’s covers, while SL, although dessert-focused (per 2014 and 2015), was not specific to the holiday.

So why no love for Valentine’s Day, home and garden magazines? My theory: since Valentine’s Day is mid-month, the covers become moot after February 14. Other holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas) are at the end of the month, making them relevant longer.

But enough of my musings. Will there still be instructions to create sweets for your sweeties inside? Which magazine is your perfect fit? Check back next week and we’ll see!

What are your theories? Post your comments below!

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