Enter the Circle of Chicken for Multiple Delicious (and Cheap) Meals

Circle of Chicken
I did the math the other day, and I estimate that I can get at least 16 meals (or the essential parts of them) from one glorious (and cheap) roast chicken. Impossible, you say? Sounds difficult?

Come with me, my friend. With a little planning and about $5 (if you catch whole fryers on sale), you too can enter the Circle of Chicken: a place where you start off with a company-worthy recipe so easy a three-year-old could make it (NOTE: please supervise any toddlers you’re currently employing to cook your dinners), and reap the benefits for weeks.

Here’s just one example of what I can typically make from one five or six-pound roast chicken:

  • One roast chicken (surprise!) to feed at least five people
  • A simple yet delectable chicken hash (if you only want three to four meals) or a comforting casserole (if you’d like to stretch it to 10-12 meals)
  • About 16-20 cups of insanely delicious broth, enough to create the above-mentioned chicken hash, plus at least two pots of soup (you can go ultra cheap and create my “Free” French Vegetable Soup, coming soon), or a batch of soup and a batch of risotto

Why make a meal for one night with a packet of chicken breasts, when you can create the basis for a dozen-plus meals and wring every golden, chicken-y drop from an inexpensive whole bird instead? It’s not hard to do, even if you don’t have a lot of experience cooking, or a lot of tools: all you need is a plan, and probably a freezer.

Interested? Watch this blog for my Circle of Chicken posts, coming soon. First up: the Perfect Roast Chicken.

Questions, requests, or sharp rebukes? Post them below!

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