Key Ingredients for a Zero-Waste Kitchen

This is an amazing resource if you’re looking to stock your pantry while reducing packaging–and eat really well, too!

The Zero-Waste Chef


To reduce kitchen waste—and to save time and money—I improvise when I cook rather than strictly follow recipes. If you follow recipes for a different dish every night, in no time, ingredients you bought specifically for those dishes but didn’t use entirely—plus leftovers—will overrun your kitchen. You and your family can eat only so much!

Master some basic cooking techniques, such as making soup, and you won’t need recipes because you’ll know what to do with what you have. You may soon realize you don’t need to buy nearly as much food as you had thought. Having said that, do know that I don’t stock my entire list in my kitchen at once. For example, the produce we eat varies by season however, I always have onions, carrots and celery on hand.

With my plastic-free and zero-waste ingredients, I can cook an endless variety of meals without generating waste. I am lucky to live within…

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