10 Days, 2 States: 10-Item Wardrobe

Okay, real quick! We’re leaving early (so early) tomorrow morning for a week-long trip to Massachusetts, followed immediately by a weekend in Seattle for Emerald City Comicon. Yay! However, traveling with a husband, a kid, and a baby? Yikes!

To try to keep my packing as minimal as possible, I decided to implement the 10-Item Wardrobe protocol (so official!) I learned from Lessons From Madame Chic. Basically, a capsule wardrobe: a group of items, largely in neutral colors, that all work together and combine to make different outfits. It doesn’t literally have to contain ten items (mine has more), and things like outerwear, underwear, and T-shirts don’t count.

I first tried this out two years ago when I was flying to San Diego Comic-Con. I was going to be there for eight days, and I needed a wardrobe that would allow me to set up/tear down a booth, work long hours at the show, and head to a few fancy parties afterward–and I only wanted to bring carry-on.

It was such a success that I gave away/put away most of my other clothes (which I found I never wore anyway), and kept going with my capsule wardrobe. I liked not having to think about getting dressed in the morning–pretty much everything went together–and I loved that my drawers closed!

So here’s my wardrobe. It was a bit of a challenge, seeing that I will be going from seeing family in Massachusetts, where it is currently in the 30s-40s and snowing, to Seattle, where it is in the 50s-60s and raining. I solved this by bringing things that I can layer (and layer again). Not shown: pajamas, a pair of sneakers, black and silver flats, three necklaces, one belt, one lined raincoat, hat, gloves, a scarf, and underwear.

Keep in mind that I am not a fashionista–I have a vague idea of what “normcore” is? I think this might be it:

10 Item Wardrobe Grey Hooded SweaterGrey Hooded Sweater

10 Item Wardrobe Lobster Sweater J CrewNavy Lobster Sweater J Crew

10 Item Wardrobe Black Cardigan J CrewBlack Cardigan J Crew

10 Item Wardrobe Spider-Man SweatshirtSpider-Man Sweatshirt

10 Item Wardrobe Navy Striped Shirt J CrewNavy Striped Shirt J Crew

10 Item Wardrobe Orange Stripe T-ShirtOrange Stripe T-Shirt

10 Item Wardrobe Silk Trouve BlouseSilk Trouve Blouse

10 Item Wardrobe Chambray Shirt J CrewChambray Shirt J Crew

10 Item Wardrobe Red Sheath DressRed Wool Sheath Dress

10 Item Wardrobe Grey Skinny JeansGrey Skinny Jeans

10 Item Wardrobe Black Skinny JeansBlack Skinny Jeans

10 Item Wardrobe Blue Skinny JeansBlue Skinny Jeans

10 Item Wardrobe Black T-ShirtBlack T-Shirt

10 Item Wardrobe Archie T-ShirtArchie T-Shirt

10 Item Wardrobe Gap T-ShirtsGap T-Shirts

So, uhhh . . . I guess I like stripes?

It was actually really helpful to take pictures of everything I’m packing, even though I felt a little silly. I realized a couple of things needed to be washed and mended, for one thing! But I’ll be posting pics of what I’m wearing here and on Twitter, with the hashtag #10ItemWardrobe.

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