10 Days, 10-Item Wardrobe: The Last Five Days

And here is the conclusion of my epic 10-day, 2-state, 10-Item Wardrobe! Last month my family and I spent spring break flying from coast to coast to coast: from warm Oregon to snowy Massachusetts for a week, and then to wet Seattle for Emerald City Comicon. Since I was traveling with a husband, kid, and baby, I wanted to pack as lightly as possible, while still having all my bases covered.

Inspired by Jennifer L. Scott of The Daily Connoisseur, I put together a 10-Item Wardrobe, which consisted of 10 core items plus some extra T-shirts, and I was pretty pleased with the results! You can read my initial post here, and check out the first five days here.

Day 6

10 Item Wardrobe Day 6

Archie and me (and Sarah) checking out downtown Ipswich.

On the sixth day of our vacation, Scott, Sid, Sarah, and I walked around the quaint town of Ipswich, where Scott grew up. Because the walk was led by my crazy husband, it included a lengthy hike along a snowy riverbank while he encouraged our 10-year-old son Sid to kick large clumps of snow into the water. My black cardigan, favorite Archie T-Shirt, and blue jeans did the trick, topped off by my all-weather black trench coat. I was super happy my Ahnu sneakers withstood the snow and kept me upright.

Day 7

10 Item Wardrobe Day 7

Visiting with Bewitched‘s Samantha Stephens in Salem, Massachusetts.

On Day 7 we went to Salem, Massachusetts to visit more of Scott’s family, and I just couldn’t spend time at the site of America’s infamous witch trials without getting a pic with Samantha from Bewitched! Since we were going in and out of doors all day, I layered up: my grey sweater, chambray shirt, striped Gap T-shirt, and black jeans were comfy and warm (also, I swear I was wearing a coat, but took it off for the picture).


Day 8

Are we there yet? At the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Seattle.

Are we there yet? At the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Seattle.

On Day 8, we had a long flight from Boston to Seattle, finally getting to our hotel at 11:30 pm. And our hotel got our room wrong (this was quickly fixed by Dark Horse Comics MVP Kari Yadro). To survive the long flight (and many hours of Sarah sleeping on my lap and cutting off my circulation) I chose my grey sweater (again, it’s my favorite thing ever), black T-shirt, and black jeans.


Day 9

10 Item Wardrobe Day 9

Getting ready for Emerald City Comicon!

Day 9 was an historic day: it was my seventh ECCC, and it was my first not working at the Things From Another World booth. I celebrated (and mourned a little) by putting together a very daring outfit, layering my Spider-Man sweatshirt over my Archie T-shirt. Scandalous! I put on my black jeans, strapped Sarah to me, and hit the floor!


Day 10

10 Item Wardrobe Day 10

So . . . tired . . .

Had a great time on the floor at ECCC on Day 10, picking up the latest Love and Rockets graphic novel, a couple of books by Lucy Knisley, and a sweet sketch of Betty as Power Girl by Archie Comics’ Dan Parent! I dressed for comfort in my chambray shirt, orange-striped tee, and blue jeans.

Most importantly, that’s the day we finally drove home and got into our own beds! Yay!

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 10.14.25 PM

Final thoughts:Ahnu Noe Sneakers

  • The MVP of the trip was definitely my Ahnu Noe sneakers in Cocoa, which were amazingly comfortable and good in the snow and rain. I wore them 10 days straight without breaking them in (or even wearing them) beforehand, and they were stellar. No blisters! No leaks!
  • Even with my streamlined wardrobe, I could have brought less! The grey jeans were a last-minute addition–I was second-guessing only having two pairs of pants for the trip–but I think I only wore them once.
  • The extra Gap T-shirts were also unnecessary.
  • It’s been really cool going through the pictures day by day! Obviously I know what clothes I have and wear, but I really got a good look at what my “style” is (stripes).

Have you ever done a 10-Item Wardrobe? What would you include? Post your ideas below!

One thought on “10 Days, 10-Item Wardrobe: The Last Five Days

  1. Oh! I forgot to mention I could have left the “dressier” items home, too. I skipped a fancy dinner at ECCC so that Sid could watch the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards (since he was such a trooper on the trip). Glad I had the option of something nicer, but it was ultimately not needed.


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