Gabriel Hardman Twin Peaks Art

Since we’ve been on a Twin Peaks tear (both on the blog and at home), I wanted to share our newest piece of Twin Peaks art by the fantastic Gabriel Hardman (storyboard artist for movies like Interstellar, The Dark Knight Rises, and Inception, and comic book creator behind Invisible Republic, Planet of the Apes, Agents of Atlas, and much more).

My husband Scott was recently at C2E2, a Chicago comic book convention, when he mentioned to Gabriel that he couldn’t find any Twin Peaks art for our son Sid. Gabriel told him to come back before he left the convention and gave him this incredible piece, featuring Agent Dale Cooper and a very menacing owl:

Twin Peaks Gabriel Hardman

Fantastic Twin Peaks piece by the phenomenally talented (and very gracious) Gabriel Hardman!

Scott quickly got it framed as a surprise for Sid–here’s the finished piece:

Twin Peaks Gabriel Hardman Framed

Portland business Luke’s Frame Shop did nice work!

Sid was excited to see his art, with one condition: he doesn’t want it hung in his room, because he doesn’t want to wake up to that owl every morning. Ha!

Big thanks to Gabriel Hardman: we’re going to hang this in a place of honor in our house!

Want more Twin Peaks action? Check out our Twin Peaks Dinner Party, and get instructions on how to make a Twin Peaks cherry pie and a Laura Palmer cocktail.

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