Reasons Why This Blog Sucks

Why do you suck so much, Mom?!?

Why do you suck so much, Mom?!?

Don’t get me wrong–I love this little blog, I’ve really been enjoying writing it. But it does suck, from a marketing perspective. If someone else asked me to look at this blog from an SEO (a type of witchcraft)/marketing perspective, here are all the problems that jump out at me:

  1. The name of the blog doesn’t give any indication of its purpose. “Jeepers”? What does that even mean? I’ve just said “jeepers” for years because I love Archie Comics and being kooky and weird.
  2. The URL doesn’t contain any relevant keywords. My URL doesn’t even match my useless, flabby blog name! “Lizzbert” is a nickname my best friend’s ex-boyfriend gave me. When I got locked out of my old Hotmail account for going too long without logging in (oh, 2001!) and had to create a new one, “lizzbert” was the first option that wasn’t already in use.
  3. No clear focus. Let’s get real: it’s nearly impossible to build a “readership” without a clear focus. I ping pong from cooking, to Zero Waste, to comics, to Twin Peaks, to freakin’ fashion–there are very few people, besides me, who want to read about all that on a regular basis. I could at least pick a consistent day per topic (Friday Fashion?).
  4. No regular schedule. I’ve been attempting to do a Happy Monday links post every Monday before noon to have some semblance of a schedule, but . . . I had my Twin Peaks post this week and my dog ate my homework and I . . . am lazy sometimes.

So for those of you who have subscribed to this blog or read my ramblings regularly: thank you! It’s truly been a shaggy dog experiment while I try to figure out what I like writing about, what people like to read about, etc. I’d been meaning to start some sort of blog for years, but when it became clear that I was going to quit my job after the baby was born to be a stay-at-home mom, I knew I’d need something to keep my writing skills sharp(ish) and give me an outlet and some sort of purpose beyond doing laundry and snuggling Sarah.

Moving forward, I pledge to ramble about whatever comes to mind. But I will take suggestions. πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Reasons Why This Blog Sucks

  1. I don’t think your blog sucks at all. I laugh out loud when I read it. Also, your post titles are great, like this one. Titles are hard. I work for a book publisher and we have a hard time coming up with the titles of books, subject lines of email newsletters, etc. I don’t like to give unsolicited advice but I would say just keep writing what you like to write about and if you want to narrow your niche, that will sort itself out.

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