Happy Wednesday! Links (and Videos) to Make Your Day Brighter

It . . . is Wednesday, right? The three-day weekend has thrown me off. Hello! How were your Memorial Day Weekends? We had a fantastic time in Dayville, Oregon with friends at the Fish House Inn and RV Park–I’ll be sure to tell you more about it this week.

Before we get to our links, let’s pause and look at this picture of Chris Pratt, hmm?

Chris Pratt Entertainment Weekly

Chris Pratt showing off his . . . sense of humor.

I made a rather mean comment on Twitter about how Chris Pratt is the ultimate version of what execs wanted Seth Rogen to be when he shaped up for Green Hornet. But . . . isn’t he? I feel like Hollywood must be dancing in the streets that they found someone so funny who can . . . clean up so well. Hello. I still don’t care about Jurassic World though, sorry Chris. Call me with Guardians 2 is ready.

Speaking of nerdy-hot comics, SPOILER ALERT, DC Comics’ Convergence is undoing their 2011 New 52 reboot and bringing all the multiverses (multiversii?) back. This perfectly encapsulates why I don’t read DC Comics. They’ve made everything so complicated that I literally don’t understand most of this article.

Reaching into the Wayback Machine, here’s a video I did in 2011 with my co-worker Josh Christiansen back at TFAW when we were reviewing DC Comics’ New 52 #1 issues. My sweater, which you may recognize from my 10-Item Wardrobe, literally lasted longer than this last reboot.

And finally, someone made the ridiculous decision to remake Point Break. I’m not going to pretend that the original was an untouchable classic, but it was 1. lots of fun 2. had a sense of humor 3. had Patrick Swayze in mesmerizing spiritualist/macho action villain mode, and 4. Keanu Reeves at peak Keanu. The new version has none of these, and uses the term “extreme athlete” unironically. Plus I hate it when sequels or reboots of fun action movies try to make everything so big and serious. Just tell me a good story! I’ll still respect you!

So I refuse to share the new Point Break trailer, but I will share the original:

What do you think? Go anywhere fun this weekend? Post a comment below!


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