My Summer 2015 10-Item Wardrobe

I want you to know that I will be mercilessly mocked by my friend Caroline for writing about my Summer 10-Item Wardrobe–she contends, quite vigorously, that I am not qualified to write about fashion. And she’s probably right. I vividly remember the summer I moved East to Martha’s Vineyard when I was 26, with one suitcase and one pair of shorts, and she outfitted me in her and her sisters’ junior high-age summer things … from the ’80s. It was 2001. The Derrig girls are all much taller than me. I loved them all (the clothes and the girls).

But! My stats don’t lie: my dorky fashion posts are the most-read articles on this silly blog. So I continue.

But yes, as I feel compelled to say whenever I write about this: I am not the most fashion-forward person. In fact, when I find clothes I like, I try to make them last forever–I’ve had at least a third of my items for years. But that’s why having a limited, capsule wardrobe works so well for me. I have my favorite clothes, and then I buy more clothes to go with them. So I end up with a wardrobe that all goes together, that all feels right to me, and that I’ll put the extra work into (mending, hanging certain things to dry) so they’ll last.

So below I have my 10 items, as well as my T-shirts–I follow Jennifer L. Scott’s (of the Daily Connoisseur blog and Madame Chic books) philosophy of 10 main items, augmented by a handful of casual tops. Shoes, accessories, underwear, evening wear, and outerwear not included!

So without further ado: my 10-Item Summer Wardrobe for 2015. NOTE: I did a little shopping to pick up new T-shirts, etc., and I think I made one mistake. Look and see if you can figure out which piece it is.

10-Item Wardrobe

J Crew Factory chambray shirt.

10-Item Wardrobe

J Crew Factory navy-striped top–like the chambray, a holdover from winter.

10-Item Wardrobe

A new item! Orange chiffon top from White House Black Market (and my Mom).

10-Item Wardrobe

Another new item: J Crew Factory “fruit salad” T-shirt.

10-Item Wardrobe

J Crew Factory mint-green “airspun” cardigan.

10-Item Wardrobe

Floral dress, made by me maybe four or five years ago? Pattern by Amy Butler.

10-Item Wardrobe

J Crew Factory striped dress. I love this dress. I wore it until I was eight months pregnant last year and it still looks great.

10-Item Wardrobe

Gap navy cargo shorts. They actually roll down about two inches. I swear they don’t look as short on, Mom!

10-Item Wardrobe

Light aqua shorts from (can you guess?) J Crew Factory. What can I say, I do most of my shopping at outlet malls!

10-Item Wardrobe

Gap cropped white jeans.

So: clearly lots of stripes (of course), and lots of orange and navy or blue. The mistake? Unfortunately, I think the mint cardigan was a misfire. I actually took a picture of my current wardrobe all spread out to take with me while I was shopping, but . . . I was seduced by the cool, beachy color that doesn’t go with either of my dresses or some of my tops. Whoops. So I might take it back. I’d love to find a loose-weave, cream-colored cable-knit cardigan instead. Wish me luck!

Finally, my T-shirts:

10-Item Wardrobe

Caslon orange striped shirt. Another holdover from my winter wardrobe, but I just noticed two tiny pinprick holes at the hem in the middle front. Is that from zippers?!? How do I stop that? Going to try to darn them.

10-Item Wardrobe

Halogen black T-shirt.

10-Item Wardrobe

J Crew Factory gray T-shirt. I love these shirts–they’re light and drapey.

10-Item Wardrobe

Same as above, in white! May need to get some other colors.

10-Item Wardrobe

I’ve had and worn this shirt for two years, but . . . everyone loves Archie!

10-Item Wardrobe

I’ve cut down on buying comics-related T-shirts, but Scott got me this and I love it: Spidey having what looks like a Stitch and Bitch (he’s “knitting” with webbing) with nemeses Rhino, Shocker, Electro, and Venom.

So there you have it! Throw in a couple of tank tops, and I have a wardrobe that can do anything from work out in the garden to go out at night, or even attend a daytime summer wedding. Plus, it mostly all goes together . . . except for that mint-green cardigan. Grr! I have some shoes and accessories to share, too, but this post is long enough: we’ll get to that another day.

What do you think? Do you have a 10-item wardrobe? Post your comments below!


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