I’m Sucking at Zero Waste

Regular readers of the blog know I’ve been interested in zero waste since my pregnancy, and I’ve taken measures to reduce what we bring to the curb–both garbage and recycling.

While some habits–bringing cloth grocery bags as well as reusable bags for produce and bulk items–have become second nature, this week I have to admit it: I’m sucking at zero waste.

This came to a head yesterday as I took bags and bags of food waste out of my freezer and fridge to bring to our curbside compost bin. Why am I hoarding it? Because our compost bin got maggots (huge maggots!) and my husband still hasn’t recovered from cleaning them all out.

I can’t save veggie scraps to make broth! It’s been 95-plus degrees this summer! Plus: vegetable broth kind of sucks!

I can’t bring glass containers on our camping trip next week–are you kidding me? I’m still finding shards of glass in the freezer from jars of (vegetable!) broth self-destructing, perhaps from an understandable sense of self loathing!

Okay, Elisabeth, breathe. Like I said, many habits have become second nature, and I’m psyched. The bulk bins at WinCo are fantastic. We only need to take out the trash once every two weeks. Summer will be over in a couple months, and I can go back to making broth–with some bones added.

But! I realize that despite my best meal-planning efforts, our food waste is out of control, and I need to radically rethink how we eat–and how I shop–to get a handle on it.

If I come up with any answers, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, you’ll find me pouting into my (Kraft!) macaroni and cheese.

4 thoughts on “I’m Sucking at Zero Waste

  1. Des says:

    I know this is super old, but I stumbled on your site searching the web for info on zero waste.

    Those likely weren’t “maggots” – they were almost certainly black soldier fly larvae (BSFL). While regular house flies are gross and a health hazard (because they land on feces and then on your food or body), black soldier flies are harmless. They acquire all their calories as larvae and have no mouths as adults, so they do not seem our food. They eat enormous amounts as larvae tho, so they like to lay their eggs in compost bins.

    If they bother you, just up the amount of brown/carbon material in there and they won’t like it as much, but they won’t do any harm there if you leave them. And if you have backyard chickens, BSFL make nutritious snack for them 🙂


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