Camping & Vacation Wardrobe

We’re leaving on vacation today–yay!–starting with three days of camping at Fort Stevens in Astoria, Oregon and continuing with three days at a house in Lincoln City. Because I am lazy and haven’t done any packing yet, I’m trying an experiment and selecting my wardrobe by writing this post!

This is a true test of my 10-Item Wardrobe, because these are two totally different environments: camping outside with bike riding and hiking, and relaxing in a rental house, exploring nearby Newport and Tillamook, and going out to at least one nice dinner (to celebrate our anniversary).

Can I do it?!? Since the high temperatures will max out in the early 70s and lows will be in the mid-50s, I’m dipping back into my fall/winter wardrobe. Fortunately, there’s a washer and dryer in the rental house, so I’ll be able to wash the campfire smell out of everything!

So here are my picks for camping:

10-Item Wardrobe

Halogen black T-shirt.

A black T-shirt is good for practically anything!

10-Item Wardrobe

I’ve had and worn this shirt for two years, but . . . everyone loves Archie!

I love this shirt, and it’s a little old–perfect for camping.

10 Item Wardrobe Spider-Man Sweatshirt

Does whatever a Spider can.

Good for chilly nights!

10-Item Wardrobe

Gap navy cargo shorts. They actually roll down about two inches. I swear they don’t look as short on, Mom!

These cargo shorts are again on the older side, and dark–so into the camping wardrobe they go!

10 Item Wardrobe Grey Skinny Jeans

Gap grey skinny jeans.

Good for cool nights–I hope.

And here are my additions for the rest of the trip!

10-Item Wardrobe

Another new item: J Crew Factory “fruit salad” T-shirt.

Something dressier for this part of the trip!

10-Item Wardrobe

J Crew Factory chambray shirt.

I will probably wear this shirt until it falls apart. It goes with everything.

10-Item Wardrobe

Light aqua shorts from J Crew Factory.

Again, something dressier for sightseeing,

10 Item Wardrobe

Coral “Clare” cardigan from J Crew.

Breaking out the new cardigan to combat the lower temperatures.

10-Item Wardrobe

Floral dress, made by me maybe four or five years ago? Pattern by Amy Butler.

Dinner dress!

Phew! I feel so much better now that I’ve chosen my wardrobe for our vacation. Wait . . . crap, I still have to pack, don’t I?

Welp, I’ll let you know how it goes. This blog will likely go on hiatus while I’m out in the woods, so I’ll see you later!

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