The Baby Diaries: Ten Months

Sarah hit the 10-month mark last Thursday while we were on vacation! Here’s my update.

I'm ten months old and I'm a happy lady!

I’m ten months old and I’m a happy lady!

Vital Stats:

Um, I’m not sure. She’s taking a nap right now. She’s huge! Bigger than the one-year-olds at Book Babies!

  • Sarah is finally crawling on her hands and knees, yay!
  • She’s also quite determined to walk, grabbing my hands and hauling herself up and stumbling around the house. She’ll even jump down off the sofa while we’re holding her.
  • The little lady can pull herself up, and . . . sit down! Kind of. It’s more like a controlled drop.
  • The big news: there are finally some teeth! Her two bottom teeth are slowly coming in. She’s been fussy this past week, but infant ibuprofen has been taking care of it. I went a little crazy and bought her one of those Baltic amber necklaces, but then I did a little research and realized the choking hazard probably outweighs the (unproven) benefits. Nice parenting.
  • Solid foods have been coming along nicely. We’ve moved beyond simple one-ingredient purees: I’ve started blending up our dinners (for example: pasta with peas and prosciutto), and she gulps it down just fine.
  • However, nursing is still going strong. This is probably why Sarah is a giant, cute Hulk baby.
  • Personality-wise, Sarah’s still sweet and friendly. She gets a little separation anxiety and is still a mama’s girl, but . . . I’m still a daughter’s lady. Not quite ready to leave her for more than three hours. I’ll probably need to work on it.

I’ve been taking her picture each month, ending at 12 months. I’ll post a gallery then!

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