The Baby Diaries: Eleven Months

I can’t believe Sarah is almost a year old (September 28, here we come)! Listen, when other mothers coo about how fast time passes, stop rolling your eyes and pay attention. Turns out they were right!

11 months old and DONE with these photos! Lemme destroy my sticker in peace, Mom!

Vital Stats:

As of the last time I checked, Sarah is 23 pounds and a gargantuan 30 inches tall. We’ve met two-year-olds as big as her!

Other notes:

  • It looks like her morning nap (aka my blogging time) is going away–wah! She woke up at 5:30 this morning, however, so she was pretty tuckered out by 9. I’m cherishing them extra hard now!
  • Sarah is much faster and more sure footed when it comes to walking–although she still needs us to hold both hands. She practically drags me to the front door every morning, wanting to go outside!
  • I’ve spotted her standing in her playpen with no hands for a few moments. I need to finish childproofing our house ASAP.
  • Sarah has been loving on Daddy quite a bit–we’re a long way from the evenings when she’d cry if she couldn’t see me. She loves greeting him in the morning, but snuggling is still touch and go, with all of us. She has important things to do!
  • Now that she has basic, one-ingredient purees down, I’ve started varying her diet, often just pureeing what we’re having for dinner (it also saves me some time). She ate a bunch of coconut curry spaghetti squash with shrimp, and she downright devoured homemade cheeseburger mac (of course). But I also made her favorite, sweet potatoes, this week and she was happy to see them.


I’m free of your stickered tyranny!

Next up: Sarah’s first birthday! I’m trying not to get too wound up about it, but you know me. Any ideas?

I wear 18-month clothing because I’m extra cute!


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