Happy Monday: The Home Alone Edition

Hello fair readers, and happy Monday! I guess I should warn you that this blog is going to get pretty Christmassy now. I mean, I love Thanksgiving! Making a huge family meal is right in my wheelhouse. I’ve got it covered. But it doesn’t hold the magic and mystique that Christmas does: the cookies! The movies! The stockings hung with care! The smell of a fresh-cut tree!

Anyway, I’m even more excited than usual, because we’re going to see Home Alone in the theaters this Wednesday. Fathom Events is showing it nationwide as part of the movie’s 25th anniversary celebration, and this Wednesday is the final showing! Make sure to check and see if Home Alone is playing in your area.

Home Alone is one of those movies I underestimated at first–sure it was funny and action-packed, and Macaulay Culkin was adorable, but was it really going to be a Christmas classic? I was in high school and clearly too jaded for my own good.

However, it’s a must-view every year now, and it’s aged surprisingly well (well, except for the fact that children can’t even walk to the park by themselves anymore without CPS being called–the McCallisters would be thrown in jail and destroyed by the Internet mobs today). For me, this is partly because of the pitch-perfect performance of Catherine O’Hara and the late John Candy’s cameo (sigh). But let’s get real: when I watch that movie today, I want that house. Gahhhh it’s so beautiful.

Home Alone House

Oh so beautiful.

Links! Alllll Home Alone today.

First, let’s take a trip down memory lane with the trailer:

And now we have to watch the Honest Trailer:

Clearly I’ll need more poinsettias this year.

While the Home Alone house is a real house (last offered on the market in 2011, check out the pics), did you know you can build your own replica? Southgate Residential has created its own modernized version of the 1920 residence.

Home Alone Replica House

When I win the lottery . . .

I guess my Home Alone mania runs deep. When I needed to get new bedding last year, I took the parents’ bedroom as inspiration–what, red on red works all year round!

Home Alone Bedroom

I did not, sadly, attempt the very ’80s flowered wallpaper.

I took advantage of the holiday sales at Macy’s last year and got a set of Charter Club Damask sheets in Crimson, and a Damask Coverlet Set, also in Crimson. If you are similarly crazy and/or need new bedding, it’s still available.


red home alone bed

Our own, very stylish, red Home Alone bed. WE SLEPT IN!!!

Finally, catch up on some trivia with 27 Things You Might Not Know About Home Alone.

So . . . do you want that house, too? What are your favorite holiday movies? Post below!


5 thoughts on “Happy Monday: The Home Alone Edition

  1. Favorites: Holiday Inn; Holiday (Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn, oh my!); A Christmas Story; the original Miracle on 34th Street.
    Also, did you know: The guys from All Time Low are obsessed with Home Alone, filing their visit to “the house” (with Pete Wentz in tow!) for their Straight to DVD video, and even naming one of their songs “Keep The Change, Ya Filthy Animal”.
    (My 15-yr-old is an ATL freak. Go figure.)

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  2. Rachel says:

    There’s too many! It’s a Wonderful Life, Elf, Christmas in Connecticut and most importantly, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation! My kids have the complete set of Home Alone movies (Grandma spoils them) and they love them all! Even the 3rd one is really cute

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