My Ridiculous December


Taco Tuesday is even better with holiday china!

Hello readers! I am writing to you on my phone, in bed, fully dressed, after lunch. Sarah is napping and I am exhausted. It’s only December 2! Here’s how December 1 went:

  • Brought out the Lenox Holiday china (I’m using it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all month, HOO-HAHH!)
  • Had a wonderful coffee date with my pal Mary-Suzanne (we attended each other’s first weddings–I made her cake!)
  • Furnace started making noise, stopped
  • Restarted the furnace, left the kids inside while I threw stuff into the compost
  • Came back inside, the furnace was screaming, house reeked of burning plastic
  • Ran downstairs, frantically turned off the furnace, panicked that house was on fire
  • Panicked that we’d be without heat for a night (furnace guy was scheduled for this morning)
  • Fed kids dinner
  • Bussed dishes, when I heard a loud CRACK
  • Discovered Sarah had YANKED the tablecloth and pulled a full glass of water onto the floor–a vase of flowers and a holiday plate (!!!!) were perilously close to the edge
  • Started to put Sarah to bed while Scott went to get the babysitter
  • Decided to take out Sarah’s AC unit by myself, so I could close her window and keep the cold air out
  • Lost the AC out the window
  • Realized it was still dangling from the cord
  • Failed to pull it back inside the house via the cord
  • Managed to swing it onto the little roof over our back stoop
  • Finally closed the goddamn window, put Sarah to bed
  • Raged it at karaoke for a friend’s birthday party

So my nerves are still recovering. Fortunately, Pioneer Gas Furnace fixed us up, my neighbor brought over a ladder to help me bring the AC unit back inside, and Sarah is napping (wearing two fleecy outfits–it’s still 58 degrees upstairs). Whew. I’m going to shut my eyes for a minute.


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