Merry Christmas + Lessons Learned


Do: avoid messing up the kitchen right before Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day! (My friend Melissa of the insanely good Special K bars has hosted a Boxing Day brunch the past two years and it’s my new favorite tradition.) And sorry.

I meant to post so much more Christmas stuff! Recipes! Presents! My White Christmas cross stitch pattern! But at least I learned a few lessons, which I will post here and review next November.

While this holiday was pretty awesome, upon review, there were a few things I could do to make things easier/less stress-free:

  • Holiday Party: I usually do it earlier in the month, but thought it would be easier to do it later this year (more time to get the decorations up). Wrong: doing a party for 50+ the week before Christmas gave me very little time to get anything else done.
  • Christmas Eve: We started a new tradition this year and had the family over for chili and two soups! It was awesome, but I spent all day cooking. Next year I’ll make the soups ahead of time and freeze them.
  • Christmas cookies: I did most of my dough ahead of time (I did two rounds of cookies, one for the party and one for Christmas), but I waited on my second batch of Chocolate Peppermint Cookies. Next year all the dough is going in the freezer.
  • Christmas movies: I had planned on Christmas Eve to be a big movie marathon. Big mistake. Huge. People are busy! And tired! More movies throughout the month next year.
  • Christmas wrapping: my husband is awesome–and talented–and did most of it. I’m going to continue this next year!
  • Christmas blogging: write posts in October, dummy!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are enjoying the weekend! What would you tweak next year? Write ’em in the comments and I’ll remind us all in 2016!

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