Monthly Meal Planning Update: I Bought Too Much Food But That’s Okay


My “Rapid Mac Cooker.” I’ll have another post on this.

Hey everyone! I’m in the middle of Week 2 of my Monthly Meal Planning endeavor, and I wanted to update you on my progress. So far it’s like pretty much every party I’ve ever thrown: I’ve got way too much food.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 4.06.54 PM


Part of the problem is, last week was my birthday–yay! So we went out for sushi one night. And then my folks took us out to dinner. And then we went out with friends to a karaoke place/Vietnamese restaurant for more birthday celebrations. So I had way too many dinner planned, just because we went out so much.

Week 1 meals we did eat: Kraft Macaroni & Cheese with veggies (duh), spaghetti with veggies (I froze half the sauce for later this month), tacos with ground beef and refried beans (froze half), ham and cheese sandwiches with fruit/carrots, blueberry muffins with sausage (baked a double recipe of muffins and froze half), waffles with sausage (switched from pancakes), yogurt with honey and granola, hummus with pita and carrots, Cowboy Cookies, vanilla ice cream.

Week 1 meals we didn’t eat: Sid’s Soup with cornbread (didn’t make it, still have ingredients ready), roast chicken with potatoes and veggies (froze the chicken), salmon with veggies and couscous (froze the salmon), pumpkin smoothies (didn’t need, pumpkin is frozen).

This has led to changes for this week: because I didn’t have Sid’s Soup on hand, I made mac and cheese again (using my Rapid Mac Cooker, a birthday present). Because I didn’t roast a chicken last week, I didn’t make chicken soup with rice–but I did end up making chili for a friend and saving some for us last night.

I also had some fruit and veggies left over, which was convenient this week–I didn’t have to rush out to the store to re-up.

Week 2 shopping: I re-upped on yogurt, fruit, and veggies–I just bought less produce than last week, since I had some left over. I also got more lunch meat and cavatappi, my son’s favorite pasta, which I can’t get at WinCo.

Pros: While I’m not cooking and eating everything as planned, at least we’re not wasting food–I’ve been throwing things into the freezer, and the produce has held up well. I may have part of next month all ready to go if this keeps up.

Cons: I have so much food, freezer space is becoming a problem. Plus, not making one dish (like roast chicken) means I’m not using the leftovers as planned (broth, etc.).


I won’t give specific numbers yet, but I am at just over 50% of what I typically spend in a month on groceries. Since we’re midway through the month, that doesn’t sound so impressive–except I can’t see myself needing to buy much in the way of groceries over the next two-and-a-half months!

Going Forward

I definitely need to plan fewer meals. We only have Sid every other week (although I get him for breakfast and snack every school day), and Scott, Sarah, and I can only eat so much! Hopefully, this will be the black-and-white proof my crazy brain needs.


2 thoughts on “Monthly Meal Planning Update: I Bought Too Much Food But That’s Okay

    • Um, unfortunately it kind of sucked. It took longer than it said, but it turned out some of the pasta wasn’t all the way cooked. Most of the water evaporated, leaving it gooey and gelatinous. So it was chewy and gloppy. I mean. I still ate it. But I have a stove. 🙂


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