I Think My Brain Is Broken

“What time are you going to Sequential Art tonight?” my husband asked this morning. I gave him a blank look. “I . . . don’t know.” I said.

He looked a little confused. “Really? Because you usually have this all figured out.”

And it’s true! I am the lady with the plan, the girl with all the answers (and the spreadsheets to prove it) and I just. Can’t. Get it together this week! I feel like I’m running in 50 different directions (with a baby crawling all over me at the same time) and I cannot focus.

This is how bad it is: I have a mostly blank Monthly Meal Planning spreadsheet in front of me and . . . I can’t think of what to put in it, because I definitely can’t think of cooking everything. What is happening to me? It is already May 5!

Fortunately, my lovely husband talked me through a plan that will get me to Trophy Room at Sequential Art Gallery, an exhibit of “real life” costume and props inspired by comics (that I helped put together), while he gets the kids fed and taken care of. So that’s taken care of.

But it’s clear I need to both 1) create a better, more workable schedule for myself (kids, blog, GeekCraft Expo PDX, other side project) and 2) relax. These two things might seem like complete opposites, but I actually relax when I start making schedules.

Right now? I’m going to get Sarah and me dressed and go get a cup of coffee. Because we’re out of coffee, because I haven’t been grocery shopping.

In the meantime: any suggestions for breakfast and dinner ideas? I could really use them before I throw my laptop across the room! Haallllp!

4 thoughts on “I Think My Brain Is Broken

  1. Breakfast: Dutch baby, or what we call an oven pancake at my house. You can make it with or without apples, depending on your tastes and time constraints.
    Dinner: Arroz con Pollo, great recipe in Food & Wine magazine, available online.

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