I Did Something Horrible to My Toe

Okay, I just had my second-most-bizarre injury yet. WARNING: GRAPHIC TOE STUFF.
So I was walking across the dining room and got my big toe caught in the hem of my pajama pant bottom, bending my toe in and causing me to put all my weight on that poor, folded big toe, resulting in a giant CRACK sound.
It was weirdly painless, but I could tell something terrible had happened. After determining that I could move said toe, I decided to try to walk it off. I was then that a thin thread of blood appeared at the base of my toenail, and in a burst of horror, I realized the CRACK sound was me snapping my toenail at the base!
Then the stinging started. Then shock set in. I sat on chair, trying not to faint/barf while Sid and Scott brought me ibuprofen, warm wet washcloths, cold wet washcloths, a bowl, a band-aid, and eventually a cold pack.
I’m steady now and can hobble around, but super dreading losing my toenail. I’ve never done that before–I’ve never been a sports-type of person. What’s next? Ooh, I’m gonna barf.
Oh–in case you’re curious, my first-most-bizarre injury happened when I was 11. I stepped on a wooden toothpick and it went through my foot and you could see it on both sides. I think I almost barfed then, too.

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