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Happy Tuesday! Comics, Comics, Comics

Hey all! How was your weekend? I took a crazy one-day trip to Emerald City Comicon to chat with people about GeekCraft Expo PDX and to see some friends. It was awesome–more so because two friends hitched a ride with me. It is infinitely preferable to spend two to three hours talking about movies, TV, […]

Comics That Changed My Life: Classic X-Men #33 & Uncanny X-Men #245

Like a lot of comics fans, I’ve loved many titles over the years (current favorites: All-New X-Men, Lazarus, and Revival, among others). However, I can pinpoint the issues that literally changed my life forever: Classic X-Men #33 and Uncanny X-Men #245.                   It was the year 1989. […]

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Betty & Veronica Fashion Friday

It’s no secret I love Archie Comics and Betty and Veronica. I especially enjoy the ’60s-era Dan DeCarlo renditions of my favorite frenemies–particularly the clothes. If you look at any of DeCarlo’s comics and pinups, it’s immediately clear that he really researched the clothes of the era, and that he had definitive ideas of how Betty and Veronica […]

Reasons Why This Blog Sucks

Don’t get me wrong–I love this little blog, I’ve really been enjoying writing it. But it does suck, from a marketing perspective. If someone else asked me to look at this blog from an SEO (a type of witchcraft)/marketing perspective, here are all the problems that jump out at me: The name of the blog […]

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Happy Monday! Rose City Comic Con and Nasal Aspiration

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? We had a last gasp of hot weather, but my plans to take advantage of this and read Archie Digests while eating Dairy Queen soft serve (two summer activities I had not partaken of this year) were derailed by multiple birthday parties. However, both birthday parties were fun, and […]


Happy Monday! Links to Make Your Day Brighter

Happy Monday! Oh my god guys, it is so hot here in Portland. It is miserable. I believe we just reached 100 degrees yesterday–thank god for the AC in our bedrooms–so I am unashamedly enjoying the much cooler morning temperatures in a bra and shorts. Keep in mind that the shorts are too big and […]