Chicken Soup With Rice
"Free" French Vegetable Soup
Circle of Chicken Leftover Meat
Chicken Broth

Update: Comics, Circle of Chicken, and Cloth Diapers

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great weekend. Ours was a whirlwind of friends both here in Portland and visiting from out of town, thanks to the Wizard World comic convention. This is the third year Wizard World has come to Portland, and it’s a controversial event for many–here’s an article or two summing that […]

turkey enchiladas

Monthly Meal Planning Update: Hoisted on My Own Petard

On Monday I started Week 3 of my Monthly Meal Planning experiment, and things were going pretty smooth. For once, we weren’t running out of fruit (estimating how many servings we typically eat resulted in a surplus), and while we had run out of dinner veggies on Monday, our Monday “easy” meal was grilled cheese […]