Happy Tuesday! Oh I Am Tired


Sharing secrets!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I missed posting yesterday because my husband, kids, and I had an epic weekend: a two-part flight from Portland to Washington, DC for my husband’s sister’s wedding, followed by a 10+ drive to Ipswich, MA to see my husband’s mother and stepfather, followed by a two-part flight from Boston back to Portland.

My groggy thoughts after about six hours of sleep:

  • Delta sucks. It took us an hour to check in and check our luggage in Portland–not because of the lines, but because we were sent to three different places and then watched, helplessly, as two of the three counter people went on a break while the line piled up. One person behind the counter at “Special Services”! Other mishaps: a pilot not showing up and our stroller not making it back to Portland. We were traveling with a mountain of gear: fancy suits and dresses in a hanging bag, Sarah’s playpen (since she slept in three different locations on the trip, we figured it would be best if she at least recognized her bed). Having to hold a wriggly toddler on top of everything was a huge pain in the butt.
  • Sid is the best big brother/son/nephew/grandson ever. Sid lugged bags, entertained his sister, indulged his grandparents, and was the best ringbearer ever this weekend–without complaints.
  • The wedding we went to was awesome. I was a little worried about a formal wedding with hats required–I needed to get a long dress, really? But oh, it was so much fun. I found a video that showed me how to make a cool fascinator, picked up a dress that wasn’t crazy expensive and which I will wear more than once, and I finally pulled out and wore my Grandma Benge’s mink stole. The boys were in suits, Sarah got gussied up in wine-colored lace, and we went to town!
  • It turns out taxes can be romantic: the bride and groom are both tax lawyers and professors, so the ceremony took place at the US Tax Court.
  • Oh, Apple Maps sucks, too–more than Delta. I’m embarrassed to say I got us totally lost in DC more than once and made us late for the wedding. Google Maps or GTFO.
  • I realize that most people already knew that Delta and Apple Maps suck and now I’m extra embarrassed.

On a serious note, the terrorist attacks in Paris last week were heartbreaking and absolutely terrifying. Unfortunately, one of the worst after effects has been the wrongheaded aspersions cast on Muslims as a whole. Australian TV host Waleed Aly broke down how this reaction actually plays right into ISIL’s hands, and how weak they actually are. I found Aly’s video incisive and persuasive, and I hope you can take a moment and see if you agree.

Finally, to end on a feel-good note: I don’t know if I’ve said this decisively on this blog, but I’ve gone on a book-buying fast since this summer, when I got my library card–and I’ve been reading tons more books than normal! Before this weekend, I’d only broken my fast for two books that I knew I wanted to own: Step Aside, Pops by the incomparable Kate Beaton, and Polish Your Poise With Madame Chic, by Jennifer L. Scott.

However, I finished my library book too soon on the trip (Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith, a.k.a. JK Rowling) and . . . had to buy a book at the airport. And since the selection at the airport was . . . about what you’d expect, I went to an entirely guilty pleasure: Winter Street, by Elin Hilderbrandt. Imagine a Hallmark Christmas movie with a sprawling, squabbling blended family coming together at a quaint inn on Nantucket amidst multiple life and romantic dramas. That’s basically the whole book. Not a surprise on any page, but it was well done, for what it was, and so Christmassy . . . I put a hold on the sequel at the library. Hey, my tastes were never highbrow to begin with.


Sid! SIIIIDDD! Whatcha doing?!?

Oy! The baby has snapped right back on schedule (lovely Sarah) and is napping, but I’d better wrap things up. More to come tomorrow!


Archie #1 Reboot

Happy Monday! Links to Make Your Day Brighter

Archie #1 Reboot

Archie #1, by Mark Waid and Fiona Staples. Wonderful!

Happy Monday! I survived a bittersweet weekend, as I missed San Diego Comic-Con for the second year in a row–it’s not a place for babies. While it was nice to not stand in a booth for 8+ hours per day, I do regret not being in the thick of things and seeing my friends. Boo.


However, my husband (Dark Horse Comics’ Editor-in-Chief) kept me up to date, and even a little ahead of the loop–I knew to watch for the eruption of excitement when Joss Whedon announced his new comic book series, Twist, about a steampunk female superhero! I even have a vote in for who the artist should be–I’ll let you know if my choice wins out. So while I didn’t get to see my husband on stage in Hall H, I did have a little insider info to keep me warm. Sigh.

The other big release from SDCC was the Star Wars behind-the-scenes reel. It. Is. AWESOME. The practical effects are going to be WONDERFUL. I’m going against AP Style and using all caps, people!

Something I’m going to write a full post on is the much-anticipated (and a little feared, by me), reboot of Archie. That’s right, after 70+ years, Archie Andrews got a major makeover. After the full-body cringes inspired by the Archie New Look Series (shudder), I was worried the new series would be like when your Mom starts saying things like, “Raise the roof!” But it was wonderful. I’ll write more soon.


Well this is a new section for this blog! NPR told us that the Pacific Northwest is due for a major earthquake and created an app so that Oregonians can get an idea of when services and power would be restored after a 9.0 quake. But even if you’re not in Oregon, there’s a lot of good advice on disaster prep here.


I’ve been trying to buy fewer clothes and stick to my 10-Item Wardrobe, but I’ve been dealing with one problem: I’m actually 10 pounds below my pre-baby weight due to breastfeeding, and my shorts are falling off my body. I look like I have baggy elephant butt. So I bought this pair of chino shorts in navy at (of course) J. Crew Factory this weekend!


So we started to go to the library for Book Babies for Sarah, but I have been loving it for myself! I used to spend hours in the library every week when I was growing up, but it’s been years since I’ve gone regularly. I just finished As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride, by Cary Elwes (the actor who played Westley) and it was wonderful. Now, The Princess Bride was my favorite movie in junior high and high school (I made a pirate shirt for my boyfriend–for prom), but I admit I had seen it so many times, I was a little sick of it. No more! This was a delightful read that reignited my love for the movie, and even stranger–there was no bitterness! No scandal! It was as sweet and lovely as the movie–and still interesting!

In other news, we’re going camping in about two weeks. Anyone have any camping food tips?