Happy Monday! Links (and Videos) to Make Your Day Brighter

Audrey Horne

I will be attempting this look this weekend. Good luck, Elisabeth.

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Did you hit the Farmer’s Market? Mainline every episode of Daredevil? Plan your spring/summer wardrobe?

I’ve been obsessed about our upcoming Twin Peaks Dinner, so I’ve been going through the series on Netflix, poring over the food, clothing, and decor–oh, the decor! Just a portion of my notes:

  • Horns
  • Ducks
  • Copper/bronze
  • So much plaid
  • Animal heads
  • Double scotch on the rocks

We’ve invited some friends over for this Saturday, I’ll try to take some pictures of the event! But without further ado, I present this week’s links! With videos!

While researching Twin Peaks fashion and makeup, I found this awesome Audrey Horne Makeup Tutorial. I tested it out, and I liked it so much I think I’ll do it whenever I get dressed up:

As I mentioned above, Daredevil has been released on Netflix, and everyone is talking about how good it is. We’ve watched a few episodes, and guess what: it’s really, really, good. All eight episodes are live now, so go watch it! This gives me a good feeling for the Marvel Netflix show I’m really looking forward to: Alias Jessica Jones!

In other comic book news, our friend, Alise Glu┼íkova, is staying with us this week. She’s working on a top-secret project we can’t talk about just yet, but if you’d like to see her art, check her out on Tumblr! Also, she drew a five-page story about Abe Sapien early this year, with dialogue by my husband.

While my own 10-Item Wardrobe posts are now laughably overdue, Jennifer L. Scott over at The Daily Connoisseur has posted her Spring/Summer 10-Item Wardrobe video, and it makes me imagine a life where I wear nothing but pretty dresses.

Finally, in case you didn’t catch it last week, I wrote about The Myth of the Desperate Woman last week. What, I can’t promote myself?

Have anything to share? Post it below!