Kitchen Refresh

Happy Monday! Go Speed Racer, Gilmore Girls Fashion & More

Kitchen Refresh

I’ve got two two ovens and a microphone.

Happy Monday! How was Halloween? I had one great costume that totally worked out and one secret costume that I a) couldn’t finish in time and b) decided I didn’t want to wear out anyway, because it was pouring down rain, even for Oregon. The streets (and many of my friends’ basement) flooded like you wouldn’t believe.

I don’t know if the secret costume will ever come to light, but I’ll post of pic of my cheetah costume (courtesy of American Apparel–simple! Comfy!) here.

Cheetah Costume

Warm, covered, super comfy–even the boots!

Important Life Stuff

My good friend J. Rachel Edidin (half of the genius behind Rachel & Miles X-Plain the X-Men, former editor at Dark Horse Comics, and writer for WiredPlayboyKotakuComics Alliance, and more) made the brave and joyous announcement that xe is trans, complete with an incredible Speed Racer costume and a delightful article in which Jay imagines a trans Speed Racer movie.

Full disclosure: when writing the above paragraph, I caught myself using gendered pronouns. To me (and I think to a lot of people), learning the respectful way to refer to and support our transgender friends and family is still undercharted territory. Fortunately, Jay is clear, direct, and kind–plus, I found the Gender Neutral Pronoun Blog, which also helped. “Xe” is a gender-neutral alternative to she or he!

Home Improvement

My kitchen update is pretty much done, yay! To recap: new counter tops, new tile backsplash, new oven, and a new faucet. The color change for the backsplash (black to white) necessitated that we swap out our plugs and switches, too. It looks great, and All in One Restoration and Maintenance did a great job. Now, of course, I’m looking at the rest of the kitchen and thinking, hmm. To continue the spruce up, I’m going to paint the walls and trim and update the cabinet hardware. And scrub the bejeezus out of the floor. I’ll do a full blog post soon.

Entertainment and Fashion

Did you know Gilmore Girls is coming back, via four 90-minute Netflix movies? And that each will center around a season: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall? I’m excited and hoping that the series will finally get the send-off it deserves (or if it’s super-successful, that we’ll get more movies).

I’m hoping it feels like old-school GG, but The Muse is hoping for one big change: a new costumer. They hate the costumes. I don’t really agree, but I love the watercolor paintings in this article!

Unloved Stove

Ode to an Unloved Stove

Unloved Stove

Our last moments together–goodbye and good luck, stove top!

Dear Stove,

I never loved you. I didn’t hate you, certainly, but when we bought this house, you were not a big selling point, other than that you use gas and have the expected number of burners.

I always expected to replace you someday–I mean, why keep a stovetop over a cabinet when I could replace you with a full range with an oven–bringing me, with my wall oven, into an exalted realm of cooking?

But looking at you now, I realize I never really appreciated your service. My cleaning of you was indifferent, to say the least. But we’ve cooked together for nearly four years now (!!!) and I’ve never thanked you.

So thank you. For countless pots of soup and broth. For all the Kraft Macaroni & Cheese we’ve made. Thank you for the French toast, pancakes, bacon, ham, and sausage you browned so efficiently.

Thank you for all the ice cream bases we’ve made. For the hundreds of dinners and parties and comic book signing events. For the chops and chicken and bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin.

Thank you for the bushels of sauteed veggies, for the gallons of pasta sauce, for the oatmeal and hot chocolate and lemon curd and ganache and eggs and burgers.

Especially thank you for the brunches–at least 16 by my count. You worked really hard on those.

We worked together for the last time late last night, as you heated the milk, butter, and sugar for this morning’s cinnamon rolls (they’re awesome, by the way). I think it was a fitting way for you to go out.

I hope someone will find a use for you in the future, dear, unloved, GE stove top. You can use this post as a letter of recommendation if needed.


My Kitchen Is a Phoenix


I’m losing a cabinet, but gaining an oven. I’m. So. Excited.

 No school for Sid and it’s the last day before my kitchen is out of commission for a couple days, so he and Sarah are supervising while I make spaghetti sauce and toast panko for chicken cutlets. I’ll probably (shh) make some cinnamon rolls, too–I like to have coffee and pastries ready when we have folks working on the house.

Yes, folks, it’s a very special time in my life: my first kitchen remodel. The counter tile over the dishwasher started falling off this summer, so we’re getting new countertops.

But. Even more exciting: I’m getting a second oven. My lifelong dream! Our current setup is a wall oven, and then a rangetop over an IKEA cabinet. We’re gonna rip out that cabinet, slide in a regular gas stove/oven, and then I’ll be able to host Thanksgiving (or bake twice as many cookies at a time) whenever I want! Yay!

Tomorrow the guys are coming to rip out our present countertops and cabinet, and Joel Lonborg (an amazing guy who has done all the work on the house for us, including when our basement flooded right before Memorial Day weekend 2013) warned me that I won’t be able to cook or do dishes for a couple days.

I don’t really know what those words mean–I can tell it’s a sentence, but my brain won’t comprehend it? But I see sushi in my future.

Anyway: here’s a shot of our kitchen now (our backsplash was removed so the counter guys could make a template), and I’ll post pics as we go forward. Also, if you live in the Portland/Vancouver area, I can’t recommend Joel and his company, All in One Restoration and Maintenance, enough. They’re talented, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and do great work.