Christmas Detox: Holiday China Edition

So what, Christmas decorations can go up in stores before Halloween, but we’re just supposed to stop December 26? In the immortal words of Cher Horowitz, I don’t think so. I’ve been wanting to do a post on my Christmas china for awhile–I do so love it, and I have so much, but I’ve hesitated because I worried that it was too self-indulgent. Then I realized that having my own blog was pretty self-indulgent, so why not?

I had a lot of fun taking pictures of everything before I put it away until (sigh) next December–I hope you enjoy!

Lenox Holiday China


For me, Lenox Holiday is the gold standard, the ne plus ultra of Christmas china. For years, I eyed it like a future junkie: “I’ll certainly never buy that, that would be ridiculous! Ha!” I knew I’d only be able to hold out so long. I finally started collecting it after I made a little deal with myself: I would start slow (buying two place settings on sale), and I would use it for every meal, every day in December.

This justification was aided by the fact that Lenox Holiday is basically a holly-festooned version of my wedding china, Eternal, so I could mix and match the pieces until I gathered a full set. I currently have eight place settings, thanks in large part to my Mom, who has also donated to the “cause.”


Um, as you can see, I didn’t stop with the place setting (see also: the adorable Santa train salt and pepper shakers, above). I have more Holiday serving pieces than Eternal (I actually have none for that), because Holiday goes way on sale around the holidays, and Eternal never does! Get that wedding registry money, Macy’s–you jerks! But. I love these, and I generally entertain a lot around the holidays, so I use them a lot.

Rosanna Twelve Days of Christmas & More


While the Lenox Holiday is my drug of choice, my gateway plates are from Rosanna, a Seattle company that designs delightful tableware. I believe I first saw these 12 Days of Christmas appetizer plates in Martha Stewart, and they’re still available on the Rosanna site! A real bonus: Rosanna packages their wares in collectible boxes that are cute and actually useful for storage.


Yes, there’s more. Listen, I can stop whenever I want. These three items were all presents from my brother, who raided Rosanna’s Jolly Holiday collection. Unfortunately, these are no longer available on the site. I use the small tray for cookies for “Santa,” and the plates and mugs for snacks and hot chocolate.



I got this large vintage plastic (melamine?) tray at a thrift store a long time ago and I love it. The pearlized plastic is embedded with flecks of silver, and it’s unbreakable. Thrift and vintage stores can be a great source of holiday china and serve ware–garage and estate sales, too!

When I see my holiday china all laid out like this, 50% of me is embarrassed and the other 50% wants to roll around on it like Indecent Proposal (weird, also: ouch). But I love it so much: I love the holidays, and entertaining, and family traditions, and I love having something special to use in December. I look at my china and I see decades of holidays around the table, and it makes me very happy.

I’m gonna close with another shot of salt-and-pepper Santa! Thanks for reading about my jolly folly!


Lenox Holiday Sugar Bowl Creamer

Happy Monday! Christmas Christmas Christmas

Lenox Holiday Sugar Bowl Creamer

But I waaaaaant thiiiiiiiisssss!

Happy Monday! Now that Thanksgiving has been put to bed (in case you missed it, check out my Holiday Post-Game piece for ideas of what to do with your leftovers), you can expect a lot of Christmas stuff on this blog!

But first, I need a moment of silence. For the hours between 9 and 11 am. This used to be a sacred time: Sarah’s morning nap. But it looks like it’s gone forever–she appears to fall asleep during our post-breakfast nursing, but she pops awake when I put her down. She actually hurled herself out of her crib yesterday when I left her there (we’ve since lowered her mattress), but . . . yeah. Looks like it’s afternoon naps (if any) from here on out.

This was traditionally my blogging time, too, so I’m extra bummed. My days are pretty packed and I’m definitely feeling the stress. But I’ll work it out!


I have a confession: I looooooove china. And I loooooooooooooove Christmas china. I know it makes no sense to have a set of china you only use once a year. But I’ve solved that! Starting tomorrow, we will be using our Christmas china every day in December–breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’ve been slowly collecting sets of Lenox’s Holiday china over the years (it mixes with my wedding china, Lenox’s Eternal), and . . . I did notice Macy’s is having some great Cyber Monday deals on Lenox Holiday china. You know, if you want to join in my obsession.

We kicked off our month-long holiday movie marathon with a little flick called The Long Kiss Goodnight, about an amnesiac schoolteacher played by Geena Davis who discovers she’s actually an assassin–with the help of Samuel L. Jackson, before he ran his shtick into the ground. It counts as a Christmas movie because 1) it begins with a Christmas parade 2) it has a ton of fantastic action sequences involving ice and 3) the chemistry between Davis and Jackson is the gift that keeps on giving. I’m posting the scene where sweet “Samantha” transforms herself back into sexy “Charly,” because it amuses me that she wears gloves to dye her hair (as she should!) and that her wardrobe as the edgy, badass Charly is . . . black yoga togs. Hilarious.

I was so sad when I heard Gawker Media was closing down Kitchenette, but was so happy when I heard Wonkette would be taking on Behind Closed Ovens (now titled Off the Menu), a weekly delight filled with stories of horrible restaurant customers, amazing managers, and servers who got their revenge. Read the first column now!

That’s all I got right now . . . but get ready! Oh, and post your favorite holiday movie below.