Enter the Circle of Chicken for Multiple Delicious (and Cheap) Meals

Circle of Chicken
I did the math the other day, and I estimate that I can get at least 16 meals (or the essential parts of them) from one glorious (and cheap) roast chicken. Impossible, you say? Sounds difficult?

Come with me, my friend. With a little planning and about $5 (if you catch whole fryers on sale), you too can enter the Circle of Chicken: a place where you start off with a company-worthy recipe so easy a three-year-old could make it (NOTE: please supervise any toddlers you’re currently employing to cook your dinners), and reap the benefits for weeks.

Here’s just one example of what I can typically make from one five or six-pound roast chicken:

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Recipes Coming Soon!

Clam linguine--recipe coming soon!

Clam linguine–recipe coming soon!

If you know me in real life (or have been tolerant enough to follow me on Twitter or Facebook), you’d think I’d have filled up this blog with recipes by now! I do have some big plans for posts–including a couple of epic articles on the freezer cooking I’ve done this summer–but pregnancy has been weighing heavily (ha!) on my mind and taken preference thus far.

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