10 Item Wardrobe Day 4

10 Days, 10-Item Wardrobe: The First Five Days

Yay, I finally got a 10-Item Wardrobe post off the ground! I’m sure you were waiting with bated breath. The reason for my delay was two-fold: one, a lot of the photos I took didn’t show the clothes terribly well, so I put together some extra images. Two, I had a little performance anxiety. After all, it’s not like I’m the most fashionable lady–who really cares what I’m wearing?

However, I reminded myself that the 10-Item Wardrobe isn’t about following the latest fashions, it’s about finding the things that suit you. Out of necessity, everything I chose had to be something I loved to wear–and each piece had to go together and be reliable, too. Because of this, I was able to get dressed in less than five minutes every day, which gave me extra time to enjoy my vacation (or . . . change a diaper).

Okay, to refresh: we went from warm and springy Oregon to cold and snowy Massachusetts for a week, after which we traveled to warmish and wet Seattle for Emerald City Comicon. That meant I had to pack flexible items that could be layered for warmth, and dressed up or down. The first five days were all in Massachusetts!

Day 1

10 Item Wardrobe Day 1

From the PDX airport to Massachusetts!

For Day 1, I needed ultimate flexibility, an outfit that would work for a five-hour plane ride and be suitable for snowy Massachusetts, so I chose lots of layers! Here I have my black T-shirt, topped by my chambray shirt and my trusty, favorite grey sweater. I paired these with blue jeans and my Ahnu sneakers (which I put on for the first time on Day 1, and wore every day for the rest of the trip–no blisters, no nothing)!

10 Item Wardrobe Day 1

Day 2

10 Item Wardrobe Day 2

Hanging out with family.

Day 2 was primarily spent at my husband’s parents’ house (after our morning trip to Dunkin’ Donuts, of course). My J Crew striped shirt and black jeans were comfy and still made me look presentable in front of Scott’s many stepsisters.

10 Item Wardrobe Day 2

Day 3

10 Item Wardrobe Day 3

Off to Martha’s Vineyard to visit friends (and my cat)!

Day 3 was another long day of travel, as we got up early (so early) to drive down to Woods Hole to grab a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard, where I used to live. Again, I needed something that looked sharp (I was seeing at least one ex-boyfriend, for heaven’s sake!) but felt comfy. And was striped, apparently.

Anyway, I went with my orange striped T-shirt and my black jeans (because I could easily find them in the dark–again, oh it was early).

10 Item Wardrobe Day 3

Day 4

10 Item Wardrobe Day 4

Playing at the LEGO store with Sid!

After all our travels, Day 4 was a day for relaxing . . . and shopping! Scott’s mother took us to the mall to spoil the grandkids, which of course included a trip to the LEGO store for Sid. I dressed for the weather and my own interests with a black T-shirt, my awesome Spider-Man sweatshirt (so cozy!), and my grey jeans.

10 Item Wardrobe Day 4

Day 5

10 Item Wardrobe Day 5

On our morning trek to Dunkin’ Donuts. Sid, me, Sarah (in a new outfit from Nana Debbie) and Gunny!

Day 5 was a momentous day. A day I’d been looking forward to all year: lobster roll day! Scott’s mom makes incredible lobster rolls, and as a special treat, she made as many as we could eat. What else was there for me to wear but my lobster sweater and blue jeans?

10 Item Wardrobe Day 5So there’s the first five days! I’ll have the next five days up tomorrow. Oh, the suspense! What striped and/or comic-book related clothes will I possibly wear?!?

In all seriousness, looking over the first five days, I can see my style can be described in three words: classic, comfortable, and . . . striped! I’ll take it.

So what’s your style? Have you ever tried to put together a capsule wardrobe? Post your comments below!