Chicken Broth

Circle of Chicken Part 2: Golden Chicken Broth of Happiness

Let’s be straight with one another: does the Internet really need another chicken broth recipe? Or roast chicken recipe? Not really. There are probably hundreds of versions you can find. What I’m trying to communicate with this Circle of Chicken series is how to fully use a chicken–to take every part of it and get the full benefit out of it, resulting in 16+ meals. Hopefully this compact set of recipes will help you save money, reduce waste, and–most importantly–eat delicious food!

So you’ve already made your Perfect Roast Chicken and impressed your friends and family. Now it’s time to enter Part 2 of the Circle of Chicken: strip that carcass down and use the bones to make an incredible broth that you can either use right away in soups or risotto, or freeze for later use.

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