Unloved Stove

Ode to an Unloved Stove

Unloved Stove

Our last moments together–goodbye and good luck, stove top!

Dear Stove,

I never loved you. I didn’t hate you, certainly, but when we bought this house, you were not a big selling point, other than that you use gas and have the expected number of burners.

I always expected to replace you someday–I mean, why keep a stovetop over a cabinet when I could replace you with a full range with an oven–bringing me, with my wall oven, into an exalted realm of cooking?

But looking at you now, I realize I never really appreciated your service. My cleaning of you was indifferent, to say the least. But we’ve cooked together for nearly four years now (!!!) and I’ve never thanked you.

So thank you. For countless pots of soup and broth. For all the Kraft Macaroni & Cheese we’ve made. Thank you for the French toast, pancakes, bacon, ham, and sausage you browned so efficiently.

Thank you for all the ice cream bases we’ve made. For the hundreds of dinners and parties and comic book signing events. For the chops and chicken and bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin.

Thank you for the bushels of sauteed veggies, for the gallons of pasta sauce, for the oatmeal and hot chocolate and lemon curd and ganache and eggs and burgers.

Especially thank you for the brunches–at least 16 by my count. You worked really hard on those.

We worked together for the last time late last night, as you heated the milk, butter, and sugar for this morning’s cinnamon rolls (they’re awesome, by the way). I think it was a fitting way for you to go out.

I hope someone will find a use for you in the future, dear, unloved, GE stove top. You can use this post as a letter of recommendation if needed.