Emerald City Comicon

Happy Monday: I Will Be at ECCC for the Length of a Unicorn’s Sigh

Emerald City Comicon

I’m flying in right after that guy!

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I welcomed our friend, artist Alise Gluškova, who is visiting us for the month from Latvia! She drew Abe Sapien #27 last fall, a stand-alone story about Langdon Caul, the man who eventually became Abe! Or did he?



So I was sad that I was going to miss Emerald City Comicon for the first time since 2009–boo! But then I decided to drive up for the day on Saturday to say hi to folks and talk to people about GeekCraft Expo PDX (and other fun possibilities!). It will involve driving eight hours in a single day . . . which will involve lots of coffee. But I’m excited! Who else is going?

Are you a geeky crafter? Applications for GeekCraftExpo PDX are due April 30, so get yours in! Also, join us for GeekCraftUp, a casual night of crafting, April 11 at Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade. Win prizes from Rose City Comic Con, including weekend passes!

Speaking of ECCC, the hosts and creators of my favorite podcast, Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men (formerly Rachel & Miles X-Plain the X-Men, see here for an X-planation) will host a live podcast, as well as a meetup/birthday party! You should really go.

Whoa! CBR, aka Comic Book Resources, the most prominent and high-traffic comic book news site, has been sold to Valnet Inc. As of now, the editorial team will remain in place, while founder and owner Jonah Weiland will be transitioning to his next adventure. I’ve read CBR regularly off and on for at least eight years, so I’ll be watching what happens next with interest.

Finally, a friend of mine has started a brand-new site devoted to comics, movies, and all things geeky: Talking Nerdy. She’ll be posting comics reviews, news, and opinion pieces, and has plans for DIY articles about geeky crafts and food. I can’t wait! Go ahead and check it out!


I finally got to try the Bacon Bleu Tater Tots at Providence Park (they were gooooood)! My brother is the GM of food and beverage there, so it’s my own fault it’s taken this long. Like me, my brother loves food, and he’s helped revolutionize concessions cuisine–really–bringing Portland’s finest food carts and local ingredients to the field. Read all about where to eat in (and around) the park on Eater!

I hosted an Easter/Friendsgiving the weekend before last (my brother called it “Freaster”), and it was so wonderful! I used the free turkey I picked up (and kept frozen) last Thanksgiving, but included some springier recipes. Here’s the roundup:

  • Alton Brown’s Classic Brined and Roasted Turkey: With a little preparation (I started brining at midnight the night before), this is a super easy and super delicious turkey–juicy and flavorful. Five stars!
  • Cornbread Stuffing with Sausage and Apples: Since Sid wasn’t with us, I went with mushrooms in the stuffing. Yummy!
  • Scalloped Potatoes: This is a Martha Stewart recipe and it is a pain. I mean, all scalloped potatoes are! But they were really good–I’d just add salt while boiling the potatoes, and then season the milk and cream before you pour it over.
  • Pea Salad: So fresh! So springy! It’s vegetables, but with bacon, cheese, and a creamy dressing. My kind of veggies!
  • Rolls: It’s pretty obvious I love the Pioneer Woman’s recipes, huh? These really are the best. But I don’t shape them into Parker House rolls, I just roll two-ounce balls. Yes, I weigh them.
  • Best Ever Lemon Bars with Shortbread Crust: Ohhhhhh these were amazing. And because you freeze them, you can do them ahead of time!

That’s what I’ve got! Whaddya got? Post below!

Summer Vacation

Notes on a Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation

Kicking off summer in style: cleaning Sid’s room. What can I say, I’m the fun parent.

School starts tomorrow for Sid (fifth grade!), and I can feel myself tear up just thinking about it–which is surprising, remembering how panicked I was back in June at the prospect of having a 10-year-old and a baby home all day for most of the summer.

Summer Vacation

Dino dig at the Portland Children’s Museum–a little young for Sid and Ernie, a little old for Sarah.

Determined to keep Sid (and me) from weeks of too much TV, I scoured the Internet for things to do and filled our “Summer Activities” calendar with so many good intentions. Library events! Dinosaur digs at the Portland Children’s Museums! Pool times! Perhaps we could take a tour of all of the fountains in downtown Portland (we did visit the one at Waterfront Park), or explore all of the different neighborhoods and parks (um, no)!

Summer Vacation

Solo trip for me and Sarah to the Portland Rose Garden.

Some things were great successes and became part of our regular schedule: Book Babies at the library (the other mothers and librarian are going to miss Sid so much), and our visits to our community garden plot (we’re now reaping mountains of tomatoes). But there has been a fair amount of TV and other screens (so many computer games), and definitely not enough reading–although Sid does like reading to Sarah. And playing with Sarah. And teaching Sarah to walk. Those kids love each other.

Summer Vacation

Sarah and Sid at the park.

Looking back, some notes:

  • Planning our days around Sarah’s naps limited our adventures more than I thought they would–I’m looking forward to being able to leave the house for more than two hours next summer.
  • Oh, it was soooo hot this summer. 100-plus degree weather made the idea of getting in the car and going somewhere very unpleasant. So we spent a lot of time in the basement–where the TV is.
  • I learned a lot more about video games (and Agricola) than I ever wanted to.
  • I learned a lot more about crappy kids’ TV shows that I never never want to see again. Lab Rats and Slugterra are the worrrrssssst.
  • Sid ended up doing four different week-long day camps spread out throughout the summer: one week of Grandparent Camp with my folks, a week of Timbers soccer camp, and two Trackers camps. This was a perfect mix–he got to hang out with other kids and have fun, Sarah and I still got plenty of time with him, and it wasn’t too expensive.
Summer Vacation

Sid and Ernie double rainbow! OH MY GODDD!

It was wonderful to have Sid home with us as much as he was–not only because he was a huge help with Sarah, but because he’s so funny and sweet and weird. His ability to make complex games out of almost anything–a swing set, for example–is astounding. We’re gonna miss him during the school day. We love you Sid!

Summer Vacation

Next summer: more reading!

But, I have lots of plans for next summer–it’s going to be a challenge, coming up with things to entertain an 11-year-old and a year-and-a-half old. I need to start another calendar . . .